Premature Ejaculation Treatment


Treatment for premature ejaculation

All over the web, you will find people talking about step down techniques. You will also read articles about PC muscle and Kegel exercises.

Many men are unaware of these terms. Thirty per cent of men deal with ejaculation and orgasms problems. They cannot last longer in bed and thus develop frustration and stress.

You can boost your sexual ability and skill with many ways. You can last longer in bed just like many other men. You do not have to feel guilty and disappointed.

If you want to cure your premature ejaculation problem there are many methods available in the market. The two most prevalent methods are taking herbal pills and learning PC muscle exercises.

The couple should take premature ejaculation as their problem and not as individual problem. Mutually this problem is cured. There are many techniques to control premature ejaculation but highly recommended way is to talk to your partner.

Men bodies are designed to finish off quickly during sexual intercourse. To overcome this situation or to delay orgasm is a tricky problem. It is tricky because you have to go against the biotic clock. Here are few tricks and tips that will help you how to delay ejaculation.

The head of male penis is the most sensitive region of their body. Slight friction on the nerve endings of the male penis can cause the moment of sensitivity. In order to last longer in bed or to delay ejaculation you must slower down the sensitivity at these nerve endings.

You require a lot of lubrication and of course condom. This will reduce the sensitivity and thus delay ejaculation. You must also make changes in your sex style.

Follow some of these treatments:

  • Meditation
  • Kegel exercises
  • Deep breathing
  • Talking to your partner
  • Meet your medical counsellor
  • Use herbal sprays and creams
  • Yoga
  • Use of condom
  • The ejaculation has four phases excitement phase, plateau phase, orgasm phase and resolution phase. You must slowly head towards each phase. If you know your phases well you can easily control your premature ejaculations. Rate yourself each time in the complete sexual act. Rate yourself on the scale of 1 to 10 and try to maintain a rating close to scale 7.
  • Almost 70% of men experience premature ejaculation. You must enquire about Prozac. A 20mg of Prozac daily for a week can help you to overcome this problem.
  • You must not only focus on intercourse. Take a break grab her, look into her eyes and feel her. This will increase the length of your sexual act and at the same time will make your partner important and special.
  • You must practise other sexual positions in your entire lovemaking act. This will delay your ejaculation and orgasm.
  • Stop thinking about orgasm all the time
  • Focus on your partner’s orgasm
  • You must try to touch her clitoris with the bottom of your shaft. You must not focus on in and out motions rather than that focus on side-to-side movement and round and round movement. She will get her excited state easily and faster. On the same note, you will delay your ejaculation. Once she has experienced her orgasm you can focus on thrusting.

If you can delay your ejaculation, you can drastically change your sex life. Lasting longer in bed can make your partner satisfied and happy. This is the biggest achievement for a man. Today you get many training modules how to delay your ejaculation. These are tutorial videos, which help you to last longer in bed.

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