Delaying Ejaculation


Unable to last longer in bed so that they can please their partners before they finish is a big worry among. Over 50% of men have faced issues with premature ejaculation at some point of time in their lives. If you have faced this issue, do not despair for here are some effective ways in which you can ensure that you delay ejaculation and manage to keep your partner happy in bed.

Masturbate before sex: Masturbation helps releases the sexual tension that tends to build up in your body. After you masturbate, your body becomes a lot more relaxed and as a result, it will take longer for you to ejaculate the next time when you have sex.

Use a condom: A condom not only helps prevent unwanted pregnancies or transmission of STDs, but also helps you delay your ejaculation during sex. This is because wearing a condom helps reduce the sensation on the tip of your penis where the nerve endings are. When you feel less sensation, you can last longer until you feel the urge to climax.

Greater lubrication: It is vital to stimulate your partner’s vagina and get her well lubricated before you penetrate. The more lubricated she is, the less strain you feel on your penis and the longer it will take for you to ejaculate.

Change positions: In the missionary position and the doggy style there is maximum thrusting action required by the man which puts a lot more strain on the penis, making these the worst positions to have sex in if you want to last longer. Positions when the woman is on top are far more relaxed and can help you go on for much longer without ejaculation.

Go slow: Rapid movements make your body want to ejaculate faster. While having sex, alternate between hard thrusts and gentler strokes. The gentler strokes reduce the strain and help relax your body, and delay ejaculation. Not only this, the variation in your routine will be immensely pleasurable for your partner too, hence keeping both of you happy in bed.

Distract the mind: The more aroused you are, the quicker you are to ejaculate. This is a simple trick to help you delay ejaculation. During sex, when you feel like you are ready to ejaculate, try thinking of something completely unrelated and non-sexual. As your mind wanders, it breaks the concentration off sex and puts off ejaculation so that you can go on for a longer time.

Contract your muscles: Some exercises help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, located around your penis, testicles, and anus. These muscles are responsible for your ejaculation and as you work on them by contracting them and releasing them, you can gain greater control over your ejaculation.

Breathe right: Deep breaths help you relax. When you are aroused or excited, you tend to take in rapid breaths, which continue to keep you aroused. But when you break this cycle by taking a deep breath, you help relax your body and prevent the build-up to a climax, thereby successfully delaying ejaculation.

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